Ford Acronyms


Ford : Fucker Only Rolls Downhill
Ford : Fancy Oil Recycling Device
Ford : Found On Rubbish Dump
Ford : Fucked Over Road Disaster
Ford : Fucked Over Redone Dodge
Ford : First On Recall Day
Ford : Fucked On Race Day
Ford : Fix Or Repair Daily
Ford : Found On Road Dead
Ford : First On Rust and Deterioration
Ford : Frequently Overhauled, Rarely Driven
Ford : Fast Only Rolling Downhill
Ford : Found On Rubbish Dump
Ford : Fails On Rainy Days
Ford : Fails On Race Day
Ford : Found On Roadside Dead
Ford : Failure Of Research & Development
Ford : Found On Road Deserted
Ford : Fast Only Running Downhill
Ford : Factory Ordered Road Disaster
Ford : Factory Ordered Rebuilt Datsun
Ford : Flip Over Read Directions
Ford : Four Old Rusted Doors
Ford : Ford Owner Really Dumb
Ford : For Only Retarded Drivers
Ford : For Off Road Death
Ford : Fords Only Run Downhill
Ford : Freaking Old Rusted Dodge (Datsun)
Ford : Forget Out Running Datsuns
Ford : For Old Retarded Drivers
Ford : Fucked On Race Day
Ford : Full Of Rusty Dents
Ford : Flies Off Road Deliberately
Ford : Fish Out River Daily
Ford : Fucker Only Runs Downhill

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